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Holiday Minis | The Little Soap Shop | Astoria

I'm so very honored and excited to announce our second annual Holiday Minis Collaboration with The Little Soap Shop! We had a great turn out last year and aim to top it 10 fold this season. Sessions will be at The Little Soap Shop, in their NEW location on 23rd Avenue, on November 5th and 6th from 10am-6pm. Reserve your 20 minute time slot today (September 9, 2016) and earn 2 free photos! Come dressed in your holiday best or stay warm and toasty in your pajama sets.

There are two package options, one for those looking for just a few photos and the other is designed for those (like me) who want it ALL. Each package includes a 10% off coupon and a holiday gift from The Little Soap Shop. Whoot!

P.S. Shutter Release cred: My hubs, M. Farruggia. We turned our dining room into a photo studio during my son's nap! Can you see the sweat glistening on my forehead? No? Hahaha (evil laugh) that's because I airbrushed it out...along with some 30-something creases. Anywho, we were cracking up!...really, really, really quietly.



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