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 The last time I felt this uncomfortable writing about myself was when I joined The conclusion I came to then was to just be me, because when/if "the right" person read my profile they would like me for exactly who I was. I think the same applies here. Finding "the right" photographer is hard. There are a lot of fish in the sea, but there's got to be ONE that you just "click" with. Get it? "click, click!" What you need to ask yourself is, "What type of photos do I want?" Natural? Posed? Studio? In-home?

I'm a natural light photographer that loves to find beauty hiding in the everyday routine we call life. I'm pretty sure that was my senior photo thesis summary verbatum. I choose to hold my sessions in your home because where you live right now is a part of your family story...small cramped apartment & all. A newborn swaddled on his/her parents' bed, a soon to be mama rocking in the nursery glider, a family of five squished together giggling on the couch...THIS is my calling. No fuss. Just give me honest you & I'll give you a family heirloom.



P.S. Photo Cred: M. Farruggia, my find

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