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Dance Recital | Purchase Performing Arts Center

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham

It's that time of year again, when the air begins to smell recitals! Last weekend I got to watch my niece show everyone the "language of [her] soul." She's been posing and shaking her little bum since she could sit up. Nay, hold her head up. Nay, nay, raise her hands in the air! Well, you get the point. My little girl has got moves that'll make you enforce rules like, "No boys until you're 35!" Just kidding. No really.

Dance is something we share, it's one of our things together (ex-dance recital performer here) and this year I got to bring her to practice, do her hair and make-up...make-up...oy! and see her transform from the less than enthused ballerina to a confident pop-hip-hop dancer. Take that Brittany! OOps, I did it again :-/

On the big day, all the glamour & glitz (or lack there of) was mom's job and I was there to capture every minute of it. How time truly flies. Last photo is of my O, circa 2009. My first newborn session ever. Tear.


Tear again.

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